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The title refers to quizzes and not to Vidkun Quisling, who was a Norwegian fascist who collaborated with the Nazis. Never back the losing side – Quisling was executed for high treason in 1945.

ɷ Gyri and Sulci
ɷ A Question of Religious Uniformity

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Gyri and Sulci

First clue, the color-altered image at left is not of gyri and sulci. What is it?

Click on the letter that you think indicates the correct choice:
a. an aerial view of Zabriskie Point in California's Death Valley.

b. a close-up of the skin of an elephant.

c. an aerial view of Twenty Mule Team Canyon in Death Valley.

d. a satellite image of a field of sand dunes.

e. none of the above.

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A Question of Religious Uniformity

Here's a Final Jeopardy 'answer' that all the contestants missed, as all provided the same incorrect 'question' – The 'answer' ran something like, "This piece of Literature was intended to bring religious uniformity to England in 1559."

Think you can guess the correct response and the incorrect responses?

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