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Should One Call One's Ex a Dog?

When Belinda Stronach ended her affair with Peter MacKay and crossed the floor to join Paul Martin's Liberals, I both understood and applauded her crossing, and sympathized with Peter's palpable pain at his rejection. To give Peter credit, he tried to put on a brave front and did no immediate name calling – probably to save himself the humiliation of bursting into tears on camera.

However, that was some time ago, and even though I understand that pain – probably humiliation rather than loss – lies beneath Peter's recent on-tape name calling, he ought to act like an adult within earshot of any but his closest confidants. Having erred, he ought to be man enough to admit his mistake and to offer an apology to Belinda and to the Canadian public. That is what a grown-up would do.

Come on, Peter, we know you did it because it is in line with previous behaviour during Question Period and with that "dogs are faithful" crack that you made soon after the double-crossing. Lying merely makes you look worse. Female voters may not like chauvinist remarks, but all voters disapprove of liars – except in the US, it appears.

Come to think of it, Peter's behaviour merely underlines why Belinda abandoned the Regressive Conservatives last year.

The cartoon is a modified QtR re-run.

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