Grump tank for disgruntled atheists.

Dei Non Existent

Considering that atheism is the most logical position based on empirical evidence, the fact that so many are so deluded as to insist on the existence of nonexistent deities indicates the psychological and social urges that impel the deluded to believe the unbelievable.

While it is impossible to disprove the existence of purportedly supernatural deities, there are many good reasons to be certain that no such deities exist.

Why, when we are embedded in and impacted by the physical world, should we believe that supernatural deities exist? And even if some deities did exist beyond the physical of what interest could they be to us? As soon as any influence impacts the physical, then that influence is no longer supernatural but has entered the realm of the natural, physical world. This means that the supernatural is, excuse the pun, immaterial to us.

Of course, the supposed supernatural offers appeals to the many timorous, credulous creatures amongst. The most attractive of these supernatural myths comprises unfounded claims of eternal life after death. There is absolutely no good evidence for any existence-after-death since our very consciousness is inextricably tied to the operations of a live brain. Descartes tried to prove otherwise and he failed.

One of the more stupid taunts of believers are that there are "no atheists in foxholes". This is utter nonsense particularly because the atheist has less to fear from death than does the gullible fool who fears that his sins will be punished in hell.

This raises another of the favorite taunts of believers, namely that atheists will get their just punishment for disbelief when they are sent, with all the taunters enemies, to suffer eternal damnation. This wishful "you'll be sorry" thinking of believers ranks along with their other illogical, unfounded beliefs. Such an argument, although it may satisfy the malevolence of the believer, is no good reason to take Pascal's Wager.

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