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Canadians Can be Stupid Too

Alberta is home to Canada's oil boom, a dinosaur lagerstatte, and Bible Belt Idiots. In the poky little town of Big Valley, a couple of creationist nincompoops have wasted $300,000 on Canada's answer to Ham's Idiocy.

In ungrammatical, deceitful displays, the museum's co-owners claim to demonstrate that the Flood occurred (misinterpreted glacial erratics) but that evolution did not (the notorious and discredited bacterial flagellum). Copying Ham's propaganda, the museum duplicitously claims that dinosaurs were contemporaneous with humans.

Needless to say, this Canadian example of creationist nonsense is arousing detractors from amongst the intelligentsia.

Every such example of Lies-for-God merely serves to underline the errancy of the Bible.

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